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John Hancock Life eTicket

JH Life eTicket – available for Term and Term with Vitality Click Here

Also going live today is ExpressTrack: Proposed Insureds aged 18-60 who apply for up to and including $3MM of DB via one of the JH tickets (or ApplicInt Multicarrier Express Complete) may qualify for an underwriting decision in as little as three days (from the receipt of the tele-interview application) with no paramed or lab work required.

Eligibility parameters

  • Applications initiated via a John Hancock proprietary Ticket or Appliclnt’s Express Complete Multi-Carrier Ticket’
  • Ages 18-60
  • NEW: Face amounts up to and including $3 million
  • Single-life term and permanent products (including the Long-Term Care rider)
  • Generally considered Standard or better risk class
  • U.S. permanent residents

How it works

Track the submission’s progress via your usual pending case status tools.

Producer submits ticket

  • JH Life eTicket, JH Life Paper Ticket, or Appliclnt’s Express Complete Multi-Carrier Ticket
  • Prior to the client being contacted to complete his/her tele-interview, provide the client with our Preparing For Your Telephone Interview flyer

Telephone interview with client

  • Conducted by a John Hancock representative who completes the application and orders paramedical exam if needed
  • Client signs application (eSignature is encouraged for quicker processing)

Case proceeds to underwriting

Underwriting review — will be considered for ExpressTrack or go through traditional underwriting

Policy issued and delivered

ExpressTrack offers

Key Advantages

NO in-person medical screenings

NO lab work

NO pre-issue medical requirements’

Underwriting decision (Standard to Super Preferred) in as little as 3 days

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