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Income Riders

The persistently low interest environment has retirees and pre-retirees scrambling to find creative solutions to ensure they do not outlive their retirement savings.  Without placing their funds at market risk, options are limited when it comes to safely growing assets.  Fixed rates are 3% or lower, and indexed annuities have low caps on the cash value.  But we do have a great solution:  Income Riders! 

Leverage your clients’ assets and create an income stream they cannot outlive.  By purchasing an income rider with your indexed annuity, you can guarantee a predictable level of income for LIFE.  The income stream can be turned on at the client’s discretion.  The longer he waits, the larger the guaranteed income becomes.  

The biggest challenge is to pick the best product for your client.  We can make it very easy if we have just a couple pieces of information: 

  • What is the client’s current age? 
  • What is the client’s spouse’s age (if joint income is desired) 
  • What is the client’s best guess on how long it will be before income will start? 
  • What amount would he like to consider? 

That’s all we need, and we can survey the marketplace to see which rider performs best.

Guaranteed Income

We can easily find the best product for your client!

We can easily find the best product for your client!

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