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Urgent Updates for Annuities

Most states require that agents complete product specific training prior to dating any annuity application. Additional states are added on a frequent basis. Please see the vendor link below for an up-to-date list of states that require product training.

Note: There are 5 carriers that require training in all states: American Equity, Fidelity & Guarantee, ING USA, Lafayette Life and North American.

Online Contracting

CPS/IMIS offers an industry-leading online contracting system from SureLC designed to make submitting carrier contracts easier, faster and more accurate.

SureLC is a single repository that manages all aspects of your licensing & contracting needs. It is a program we are providing FREE OF CHARGE to you. It provides you up-to-date licensing statuses for each state license you maintain, as well as up to date contracting status with your carrier partners.

This is all done automatically. SureLC integrates with NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) so you have up-to-the-minute information right on your desktop.

Getting started takes approximately 8 minutes to complete from start to finish, including the input of your signature and E&O. Please contact us if you encounter any problems or call Olga Simmonson at 858-220-7300.

For additional information, we have provided a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” below.

Q. I want to see how the process works before I begin. How can I do that?

Q. Do I have to download and maintain software on my computer desktop?
A. Yes and No. Yes, you have to download a program on to your desktop. This program is web-based and small in size, so it will not bog down your hard drive. The only information you have to “maintain” is your personal information (address, phone, etc.). Everything else is updated for you automatically by our office, the insurance carriers and NIPR.

Q. Do I have to answer the interview questions again? I’ve already done that!
A. Yes. BUT, this time it will only take you a few minutes (literally), and you won’t have to go back through the entire interview to make a change or add an additional carrier. In fact, you don’t have to select or add ANY carriers, ever. It’s automatically done for you. We moved to this solution to serve you in a much more efficient capacity. The contracting will be more accurate. The insurance carriers love the XML feeds, they can process it more quickly as they don’t have to re-key in any data; it’s auto fed in to their system.) This is truly a “one and done” process.

Q. I just want to complete paper forms. Can I still do that with SureLC?
A. Yes. CLICK HERE to download a pdf of all the questions. You can complete them, sign where indicated, and send it back to us (fax, email or USPO) along with a copy of your E&O and VOID check, and we will input the information for you.

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