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Anti-Money Laundering Training

We are pleased to offer you free access to complete your required anti-money laundering (AML) training. This AML training option is accepted by all of the life insurance carriers we represent. It is easy to use, will save you a lot of time, and can be completed quickly. Reporting to the carriers is automatic and instantaneous.

For any questions, please contact Olga Simmonson at 858-220-7300.

Stay in Compliance with Our Free and Easy AML Platform

Stay in Compliance with Our Free and Easy AML Platform


Anti-Money Laundering training program login page

Anti-Money Laundering FAQ (155 K)

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (83 K)

Continuing Education Providers:

Better CE

HIPAA Training – Privacy and Security for Business Associates

The audio course is simple, easy to navigate, and takes just over an hour to complete. During the course there are periodic exams, with a final assessment at the end.

Among the items covered during the course are:

  • What is HIPAA
  • What is a Business Associate Agreement and what does it require.
  • What is and is not considered Protected Health Information
  • When is an authorization required and not required
  • What is the law – civil and criminal penalties

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