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American General Quick Ticket

AG QuickTicket streamlines the application process and improves your productivity time.  The process is easy… Identify and quote the AG Term or UL product, submit the ticket, and the vendor contacts the client to complete the application information, schedule the exam, and checks the paperwork for completeness.


Helpful Hints on AG Quick Ticket:

Master Playbook

  • When using AG QuickTicket, no paper forms are required for the agent to complete.  Must be submitted online
  • Agent must first be contracted with American General before submitting AG QuickTicket
  • Application interviews are not completed after the vendor has left give messages for the client
  • Do not schedule the exam. The vendor (Exam One) will schedule the paramedical exam once the telephone interview is complete
  • Your CPS Business Placement Manager will keep you up-to-date regarding the status of your case and underwriting decision

When should you not use the ticket process?

  • Application in which the owner is not the insured
  • Application in which the payer is not the insured
  • Application signed state is New York
  • The applicant will be utilizing premium financing
  • The application is a trial/informal

What’s the process?

  • Licensed Agent enters client information on AG QuickTicket
  • QuickTicket submitted electronically to the vendor
  • The vendor contacts the client to complete telephone interview
  • Once telephone interview has been completed, Paramedical exam is scheduled
  • Examiner delivers forms for signatures
  • Vendor scrubs forms and images documents to American General

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