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What Are Quick Apps?

American General QuickTicket
AG QuickTicket streamlines the application process and improves your productivity time. The process is easy… Identify and quote the AG Term or UL product, submit the ticket, and the vendor contacts the client to complete the application information, schedule the exam,and checks the paperwork for completeness.

Banner Life’s AppAssist
Banner Life’s AppAssist® program is designed to make it easy for you to facilitate the sale of high-quality, low-cost life insurance. This is a good option for straightforward, smaller term cases without complex medical histories.

Lincoln TermAccel Program
Faster underwriting decisions and receipt via eDelivery.

Principal Drop Ticket
This is a formal Life Insurance application process that eliminates the necessity for client signatures and reduces completion time to a matter of minutes! Improve issue times, reduce the need for additional requirements and simplify your customers experience with Principal Drop Ticket.

Protective Life TeleLife Program
With Protective Life’s TeleLife program, you only have to spend a few minutes completing the short TeleLife preliminary application (on line or on paper). You don’t need to leave your office, you don’t need to get client signatures, you don’t need to meet face-to-face with the client – a few minutes and you’re done! The TeleLife unit takes care of everything else. They call your client within 48 hours and during the approximately 20-minute long application interview they also make arrangements for the paramed exam.

Prudential Fast App
This submission ticket reduces the amount of data you need to collect on our term products, with the remainder of information collected by EMSI.

John Hancock Life eTicket
Life eTicket offers an easy and convenient way to initiate your John Hancock single-life Term life insurance applications.

Applicint Multi Carrier Platform
Selling insurance does not have to be complicated. Requirements and forms constantly change but ExpressComplete simplifies the form completion process through the use of a reflexive interview format. The interview identifies all product and state specific forms and question requirements. ExpressComplete provides agents with access to web-based multi-carrier quote and ticket platform that can be used on smart phones, tablets and laptops.

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